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書名逆向排序 Year of Publication Authors 類型
Cerambycids, the longicorn beetles from Lan Yu, the Orchid Island 1960 張書忱 Journal Article
Heteropteran Fauna of Taiwan: Cotton Stainers and Relatives (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoroidea) 2009 D. Rédei; J.F. Tsai; M.M. Yang Book
Jewel bugs of Taiwan (Heteroptera: Scutelleridae) 2011 J.F. Tsai; D. Rédei; G.F. Yeh; M.M. Yang Book
List of Cerambycidae in Taiwan (Formosa) Submitted S.C. Chang Miscellaneous
New and unrecorded species of longicorn beetles from Taiwan (I) 1960 張書忱 Journal Article
New longicorn beetles of Taiwan (Coleoptera: Cerarnbycidae) I 1978 張書忱 Journal Article
Psylloidea of Taiwan, Volume I. Fmilies Calophyidae, Carsidaridae, Homotomidae and Phacopteronidae, with overview and keys to families and genera of Taiwanese Psylloidea (Insecta: Hemiptera) 2009 M.M. Yang; D. Burckhardt; S.J. Fang Book
Psylloidea of Taiwan, Volume II Family Triozidae 2013 M.M. Yang; D. Burckhardt; S.J. Fang Book
Sclerodermus nipponicus Yuasa (Bethylidae, Hymenoptera, Hexapoda) a parasite of the larvae of Cerambycid beetles 1965 W.Y. Lee; S.C. Chang Journal Article
The longicorn beetles of Taiwan Submitted S.C. Chang Unpublished
The morphology of the genitalia and associated abdominal segments of monochamus caroliness (Olivier) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) 1965 S.C. Chang Journal Article
一九四九年及一九五○年中國天牛科新種之介紹 1952 張書忱 Journal Article
中國之為害柑橘天牛類初誌 1954 張書忱 Journal Article
中國為害竹材之天牛類 1953 張書忱 Journal Article
兩種瓜天牛之研究 1952 張書忱 Journal Article
危害落葉果樹薊馬類之研究及其防除 1972 張書忱; 謝昭彥 Journal Article
台灣產危害梨及蘋果果實之胡蜂類 1968 張書忱 Journal Article
嚴重危害八仙山人工胡桃林之大白條天牛 1952 張書忱 Journal Article
嚴重危害木棉科樹株之大衛氏白條天牛 1956 張書忱 Journal Article
嚴重為害臺中市區行道樹大葉合歡之青條天牛 1958 張書忱 Journal Article